To call a sports watch just something to keep track of the time is like calling a smartphone just a phone. That only scratches the surface of the functionality of these devices.

There is some confusion about what exactly constitutes a sports watch. A classic sports watch is an analog device that’s water and shock-proof. It provides time, date, and usually a numerical bezel to help track smaller chunks of time. Plus it looks great on your wrist.

But today’s sports watches can do a whole lot more. Many have alarms, timers, compasses, and barometers. You’ll find watches that can track runs or allow you to receive texts and messages on the go. When looking for the best sports watches for men, consider what additional functions will be useful to you.

Because men’s sports watches fall into such a broad range of styles and functions, we’ve broken the best down into four main categories: analog watches, digital sports watches, GPS watches, and smartwatches.

Let’s dive into the best men’s sports watches available today….


The original sports watch, these analog watches feature a classic, rugged design that looks just as good outdoors as it does in the office. This style emerged from early diving watches. They are waterproof and durable. Most have a rotating bezel that helps track short periods of time. Many also track the day, month, and year. They lack features found in more current sport watches, but have such a classic style they can be worn in any setting.

The Fossil Machine Chronograph Watch is an affordable product with some decent functionality for the cost. The chronograph bit means that it acts as a stopwatch. It has three sub-dials for measuring hours, minutes and seconds.

It’s a stylish piece with a waterproof silicone strap. The watch itself is water-resistant to 165 feet, making it a good option for recreational swimmers. Its depth rating is only 5 ATM, so you shouldn’t wear it while scuba diving. It has an old-school analog display with a textured bezel.

The watch is a great addition to the Fossil line. The technology is its most outstanding feature. It’s not the cheapest of comparable products, but it will last for the long haul. It comes with a two-year limited manufacturer warranty.


The Luminox Original Navy SEAL Watch is worth a look if you need a timepiece while diving. It’s water-resistant to 660 feet. It’s slightly smaller than the previous model at 43mm. The face is easy to read and includes the current date on the right side.

The polyurethane strap is comfortable and slick-looking. The hands are luminescent so that you can tell the time in the dark. It’s lightweight and stays in place on your wrist. Bear in mind that the watch doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other ones at this price point.

The value comes from its usability underwater and the superior components rather than the other things that it does. After all, there’s a reason that SEAL is in the product’s name. It’s one example of getting the right device for your intended use.


The Seiko Diver’s Automatic is just what the name implies. It doesn’t require a battery but rather “charges” itself with your arm motion due to its Japanese-Automatic movement. You can also hand wind it too. Our advice is to be careful about overdoing it if you go that route.

The band is rubber with a bucket clasp. Like the Luminox, it is water-resistant to 660 feet. The watch hands are luminescent for night-time viewing. The bezel is unidirectional which divers will appreciate. The case is stainless steel for durability. It has both date and day functions.

The watch also has a Hardlex dial window which is one of the more durable materials available. That means it can take some punishment without getting scratched in the process. The band’s width is a tad narrower than comparable models which emphasizes the watch’s face.


The Timex Ironman packs a lot of functionality in a watch, yet the case is only 38mm. It’s the type of product that the serious athlete will appreciate with a 30-lap memory, 100-hour chronograph and a 24-hour countdown timer. You can even set in in three time zones.

The watch is water-resistant to 330 feet. It features both a night mode and a night light. The case is made of resin with a stationary bezel. It has a quartz movement and runs on a single lithium battery.

The selling point for this watch is evident in its name. It’s a product that is meant for the serious athlete who needs real-time activity tracking for running, bicycling and swimming.