One of the finest inventions in the watch industry, Oris has been delivering the supreme quality since its recognition. The designs manufactured by this company is unique and has always been the top preference for the buyers. Found in 1904, Paul Cattin and George Christian are the masterminds behind this masterpiece. The name Oris was given to the watch after a nearby brook which was close to their small shop which they set up for watches initially. Gradually their small watch business turned into an empire and presently is a statement of luxury.

After setting up Oris, the company started flourishing in the late 1911. With this, Oris also started expanding itself and it started employing around 300 employees to work under them. One of the most attractive feature about the watch company is that ever since they have established themselves with large number of workers under them, they have always taken good care of their co-employees and have always believed that the hard work and the dedication of the workers is the main reason behind the fact that they are able to flourish so much and the sole reason behind having gained so much fame. As a result, they used to build housed and flats for their employees and give them remunerations according to their outcomes and work structure. With its expansion, the number of factories they set up reached to high levels and they started having numerous factories around the town, different cities and even different countries. The development in the structure of the watches began with the introduction of the buckle bracelets along with the pocket watches.it refined the style statement of the Oris watches and also gave it a unique element. Oris have had many competitors who have always tried to copy its style and follow the process of watch building which actually never became successful.

Oris has been the first luxurious watchmakers who have actually given equal employment opportunities to both men and women. Following that they have received many awards for their great style and accuracy.